• Daniel K, MSpCoach

How to stay motivated on your health and fitness journey

“Life is a journey made up of many steps”. I’m sure you have all heard some iteration of this quote. Sometimes, it can truly feel that way. You always appear to be moving but never quite reach your goal, making the journey seem like it is never-ending. In many regards, this is true. In life, you are supposed to be continually developing and improving, so that you can be in a better position, with better knowledge, than you previously were in. The same applies to your health and fitness. Often it seems that your journey just never ends, and you never quite reach the ‘ultimate goal’. When this happens, it can be easy to lose motivation and fall away from your health and fitness journey. However, keep in mind that you are never too far gone from getting back on track with your health and fitness.

From my experience, some things that you may want to consider to help you stay motivated on your own health and fitness journey include the following:

  • Set Goals

  • Goals are important because they can give you the destination that you are working towards

  • Outcome goals are great, but process goals are just as important as these are the plans that help you get to your destination

  • Plan how you will move forwards on your journey – the process

  • This plan should include all aspects of health and fitness (physical, mental, emotional, social, spiritual) as they are all connected

  • As an example of the physical aspect, you should have a plan that includes exercise AND nutrition

  • Understand that there will be setbacks along the way

  • These are a part of any journey, but if you factor them into your plans they won’t come as a surprise, and you can be equipped to deal with them

  • During the moments of setback and when things get tough, remind yourself of your goals and your why

  • Be prepared for plateaus

  • Just like a setback, plateaus are a part of every health and fitness journey

  • If you are prepared for them, you will be better able to overcome them

  • Be flexible

  • Understanding the wide-ranging aspects that make up your health and fitness will allow you to be more flexible as different issues arise

  • e.g., an emotional setback that affects your physical health

  • This might mean one day instead of heading into the gym to workout, you take your workout outdoors in the sun

  • Try not to ‘punish’ yourself

  • If you make a health and fitness ‘mistake’ you can feel that you deserved to be punished either by denying your body something that it needs or going excessively because you’ve been ‘bad’

  • Doing this can lead to habits that are not sustainable in the long term

  • Instead, be understanding that you won’t always get it ‘right’ but you’re trying to be better. This will allow you to be more appreciative and grateful for what you have already achieved

  • Have an accountability partner, or two

  • This could be a health and fitness professional such as personal trainer, massage therapist, or a counsellor or your spouse, sibling, best friend

  • We weren’t designed to do life alone, so we shouldn’t do our health and fitness alone

  • Plus having someone else who is a part of your journey can make it easier during the tough times, and more enjoyable during the victories

  • Actually enjoy the journey

  • The more you enjoy it, the easier it is to make it a part of your life

  • Don’t feel that you have to do certain things “because it’s what everyone does”. If it doesn’t bring you closer to your goals and takes away your happiness, then it’s not for you. There is always something else out there that is more suited to you. That is a part of life

So often we encounter images and ideas of health and fitness ‘perfection’ which are often unattainable, unrealistic and, misleading. I believe that what we should strive for is the idea of progress, not perfection. In doing this we will find that we are better able to maintain the necessary motivation to keep on the journey to our ideal version of health and fitness success.

If you’re wanting to reconnect, or connect for the first time, get in touch today and stay true to your health and fitness journey. You’ll be glad you did.


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