Our Cancellation Policy

If a client wishes to cancel a session, they need to provide 6 business hour's notice, otherwise they are liable to pay 50% of the session/treatment cost.

If the trainer/therapist is unable to conduct the session, 6 business hour's notice will be given, otherwise the client is entitled to receive 50% off their next session.

In instances where both parties can agree to a suitable time, the session may be rescheduled at no cost to the client.



Our Late Arrival Policy

If the client arrives late for their session, they are liable to pay the total cost of the session, and forfeit the time they missed.

If the trainer/therapist arrives late for the session, the client is entitled to receive a 10% discount on their next session.

If either party arrives late due to unforeseen circumstances, but notifies the other party of their situation, should time permit the session will be conducted as per normal.



Our Payment Policy

All fees must be paid either prior to the session (if paying by direct deposit) or immediately after the session (if paying by cash). Missed/late payments may incur a penalty of 10% of the total fee.

If a session is prepaid and you miss or cancel the session (within 2 hours), you forfeit any monies paid. No refunds shall be given.