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What’s your state of mind?

It’s getting close to the middle of the year, and if you’re anything like me, you’ll be taking stock of how far you’ve come in attaining the goals you set earlier in the year. You may be right on track, a little way off or nowhere near the goals you set. Developing a strong and positive mindset goes a long way towards achieving your goals. You may be wondering how to get to, and keep, a positive mindset when it comes to your health and fitness. Here are some things that you might want to consider when working on your mindset.

  • Belief

Do you actually believe that you can achieve the goals that you have set for yourself? If you don’t hold onto the belief that you can, you will find that self-sabotage occurs frequently. This sabotage then ‘confirms’ your lack of belief.

  • Ability

Do you have the means and/or skill to achieve your health and fitness goals? For most of us the answer is yes. As a minimum, we all at least possess the means because our bodies are capable. Now you may not possess the entire skill set necessary, but if you have means to access help, via a personal trainer, their job is to provide the skills. However it is up to you to use the skills they help you to develop. We all have ability, it’s just that some individuals use it more frequently and to their maximum. Those who don’t, sell themselves short and create self-doubt.

  • Self-doubt

This is the biggest inhibitor to each of us achieving our health and fitness goals. Self-doubt can lead you to repeat the actions that brought about your unhealthy/unhappy state. This particular aspect can be the difference between an ‘amazing’ health transformation and a non-existent one. A question you have to ask, and answer honestly is this, has your self-doubt been created entirely by you or have the words and actions of those ‘closest’ to you been constant daggers stabbing away at you? If it is the latter, I’d challenge you to speak to the person/s whose words/actions have done this. If they are unwilling to listen, maybe shutting them out of your health and fitness journey is the best way to go until they are ready to positively contribute.

  • Experience

If your goal is to attain a certain body fat percentage, or perform a particular exercise with a specific weight, and you’ve never done this before, the idea of getting there will be daunting. What you have to remember is, that if you never try, you will never get the experience. Experience shows you the small steps that need to be taken to attain success and the exact elements that will hinder that same success.

  • Trusting the process

Setting, working towards and achieving a health and fitness goal is a process. In your mind the goal may seem too tough, but the fact is it’s not as hard as you think. Trusting that the steps you’re taking towards your goal will get you there is a process. Some people find it easier to trust the process than others. Some almost need to see the outcome of not trusting the process (i.e. getting further away from their goal), to allow them to make the decision to develop trust. Having someone in your corner who genuinely believes in you is always helpful. But you can’t fall into the trap of relying on them solely. You have a part to play in achieving your goals. Their support should serve as additional motivation and accountability. To get into a mindset whereby you’re achieving your goals, you have to have self-belief. Knowing that you trust in the process, and are putting in the work to get there is major step. This will lead to confidence because you will have experienced some success, and this success can lead to continued success. However, don’t be the person who believes that their way of attaining success is the only way; that if others don’t do it your way they won’t succeed. This is arrogance, and it feeds off of putting others down. We all have it in us to develop a positive mindset and attain success with our health and fitness goals. This positive mindset is influenced by belief, ability, self-doubt, experience and trusting the process. Understanding, and developing these aspects will help improve your state of mind, and go a long way to achieving all of your health and fitness goals ranging from the physical, to the mental, emotional, spiritual and social health components. Get your state of mind right, and kick amazing health and fitness goals. DK

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