• Daniel K, MSpCoach

To quit, or not to quit? That is the question.

I QUIT! This statement, phrase or whatever you want to call it generally has negative connotations associated with it. It doesn’t always have to be these two words exactly. ‘I give up’; ‘I don’t want this anymore’; ‘I can’t do this again’; or ‘I’m done’ are some of the other phrases that can have similar implications.

When we talk about people quitting, the image we often get is of an individual who doesn’t want to attain their goals, or one who has abandoned their attempts to obtain success. This is seemingly backed up via quotes such as the one made by NFL championship winning coach, Vince Lombardi. He stated the rather famous quote of ‘Winners never quit and quitters never win.’ Quitting in this instance is to show little or no commitment and consistency in attaining the goals you have set and not being willing to push through plateaus or challenges when they arise. In doing this, of course you’ll never have the success that you crave and you’ll never taste the victory you desire. From this perspective, we can agree that quitting isn’t good and if you do quit you’ll never win.

So are there times where quitting is ideal? I say yes. There are the self-made obstacles that are holding you back from getting the success you crave. This can include negative thoughts and attitudes, lack of goal setting and a lack of commitment towards achieving your goal. I would suggest that if it is holding you back from success, then maybe quitting is your only option. Not quitting and being defeated, but quitting to succeed. Quitting toxic situations, be it jobs, relationships or regiments. If it is negatively impacting your ability to succeed, quit it! Quit negative self-talk, self-doubt and the making of excuses as to why you can’t succeed. No longer accepting these negatives attitudes in order to obtain positive outcomes is a great reason to quit.

Let’s say you have another 2 or 20kgs that you want to drop, but it’s getting hard and so you keep on making excuses as to why you can’t. Quit making excuses! You’re wanting to drop your body fat percentage, but the dedication required seems too much so you don’t bother with it anymore. Quit giving up on your goals! You’ve been trying to perform a certain exercise in the gym, but the challenge is too much so you decide to stay away from the. Quit running away from the challenges that will help your growth! These are some examples that I feel we can all relate to in one way or another, and it’s a reminder to quit having a negative outlook. Remaining positive, committed and getting outside help when we need it will assist us in getting the wins that we desire.

We should also quit dieting, and viewing exercise as a punishment. If you look at food as the fuel you need to achieve the goals that you have set out, you won’t be continually searching for that “magic pill or formula” that will give you the health status that you are after. Being physically active and having the ability to strength train is a privilege, that not many of us make the most of, because it means our bodies have the ability to move. The more you move your body, the more you will be able to do over time. The more your body can do over time, the more wins you will have as you get closer to your goals.

So as we get into the last few months of the year, I challenge you to quit the things that have held you back so far this year. I challenge you to quit those things that have caused you to stray away from your health and fitness goals in 2019. I believe that it’s ok to quit, but only if it moves you closer to your goal. If you want guidance and accountability with honouring new found dedication, reach out and connect with me today. You’ll be glad you did!


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