• Daniel K, MSpCoach

Let’s finish strong!

We have a few weeks left of 2020, which means we are so close to the finish line of the year and the starting line for 2021. I know that for many people, overall, this year has been tougher than most. However, I believe that if we each take a closer look at what we’ve managed to achieve this year despite the challenges faced, we will find that there have been many highlights to reflect on, be proud of and to motivate us for the new year ahead.

Through conversation and various interactions with many of you, I know you have taken significant steps in re-claiming your health and fitness this year. For some it was taking a leap of faith and reaching out to commence training. For others, it was recognizing that your health and fitness wasn’t where it once was and deciding to come back to training. There have been others who have taken steps to learn more and expand your knowledge by subscribing to the newsletter and regularly reading the blog posts. To all of you, I say congratulations.

I know that some of you have had new opportunities present themselves over the course of this year, and you have had the courage to accept the challenges. These have ranged from starting new jobs, creating new business opportunities and progressing your relationships. Again, to you I say congratulations.

I have said in the past that December is great month to relax and unwind, but it’s also important to not lose sight of your goals. It is a great time for reflection, and an even better time for forward planning. There are so many things that are out of our control, and this year has really taught us all that important lesson. But I believe that within the things that are out of our control, there are aspects that we can control, and it’s these aspects that we ought to focus our energy on. When we do, we will find that there are lessons we can learn and opportunities to be taken, that can help shape and guide us in a positive way for the future.

We should look to 2021 with hopeful anticipation and be prepared to hit the ground running so that it can be a great year for our overall health, fitness and wellbeing. Remember to understand your why, set SMART goals, and use a positive approach. Most importantly when you need it, don’t be afraid to seek help and support from those around you who have your best interest at heart.

Let us cross the finish line of 2020 in the best possible way and give ourselves the best start to 2021. I look forward to continuing to be connected with each of you in the new year.

Cheers to each of you and cheers to an exciting, healthy and prosperous 2021!


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