• Daniel K, MSpCoach

Can exercise really help me overcome _____________?

I’m not exactly sure where I heard this, but the saying ‘health is wealth’ really has so many layers to it. We can often neglect to acknowledge the correlation between the issues that we’re working through and their effect on our health. These issues can include the stress of exams, finding a new job, learning the ropes of a new job, and relationships that may have become unproductive. Your issues may be surrounding an old injury you’re unsure of how to overcome, and the thought of getting back into exercise and regular activities in life is stressful because you feel limited in your ability. Maybe the issues that you’re trying to work through fall into the category of mental stress, addictions, anxiety, or self-doubt, and they seem never-ending. One thing that I feel I can guarantee is that although it seems like you’re all alone, you are not! The issues that you’re struggling with, others have struggled with them too. From personal experience, having a healthy outlet is such a positive and major contributor in being able to overcome your issue and stressors.

For some, this may seem like a foreign concept, while for others it may seem too simple. The solution I’d like to suggest – Regular exercise! The setting of goals, and incorporating a regular and consistent exercise routine into your schedule can form a major part of the solution. Your exercise routine does not have to include a structured or supervised workout every single day. If you’re able, 1-3 times a week working with a professional who is skilled, knowledgeable and someone you can trust is great way to ensure that you’re given the advice, guidance and support needed for your specific goals, along with having an outlet away from your issues. This can be done one-on-one in person, as a part of a small group or remotely. Having this dedicated time with this other person will also keep you accountable and it means that you’re not trying to do it all on your own. Starting a regular exercise routine isn’t as easy as some people may have you believe as there some days where you don’t want to exercise. But once you have started and you work on being consistent and committed, you will realise that you have developed a particular mindset and attitude, and have uncovered a range of tools that you can use to help you work through your issues not only now, but long term too.

In working with a range of clients who have had various issues that they’ve needed to work through, a common theme always eventually appears. The theme, consistency! The consistency of their workouts, combined with the accountability and success they have attained, can help put into perspective the issues that they’re working through. The setting of and achieving fitness goals breeds success and confidence. Regularly meeting with someone who is helping you work towards the goals you’ve set, allows you to also have a sounding board, that is relatively external to your issues. This allows you to get a differing perspective on your issues. Some days, your workout is your only momentary escape from all the ‘noise’ that you’ve got going on. I have often been told that, and I’ve experienced, the escape of the workout has an amazing flow on effect in areas too.

This may seem like a no-brainer for me to say, but I’m a big believer in exercise being a great antidote to many of the struggles we face daily. For me, I see it as the time where we can shift our focus off from what is causing us stress, anxiety or worry, and allow us to experience a certain level of accomplishment. It’s this sense of accomplishment that can often be the difference between a good day and a bad day.

If we’re all honest with ourselves, each of us has issues that we’re needing to work through. I believe most of you are capitalising on the positive impact that exercise has on your ability to overcome. However, if you’ve stopped participating in regular exercise for whatever reason and you’re not sure where to start, please reach out and get in touch so that together we can help you rediscover the role that structured exercise can play in helping you to overcome whatever issues you may be facing.


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