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You’ve made it into the new month!! Looking back at last month, how well were you able to commit to the goals that you had set for yourself? Did you find that after the first few weeks your attitude towards achieving your goals became a bit more relaxed and may have drifted off course? If so, it can often be a good idea to have an event, or occasion that has a fixed date. By having this event/occasion coming up, you may find that there is some extra motivation to stay on track with the health and fitness goals you have set. This is not to say that you ought to take extreme measures to get there, but by allocating yourself sufficient time depending on your goals, you can progress towards attaining these goals. Once the event or occasion has passed, you will have developed routines and habits that can help you maintain the success you have gained, over a longer period. Success does breed success, and this all begins with the attitude you take in your approach to your health and fitness.

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