• Daniel K, MSpCoach

Dreams are free, but goals require commitment.

January has come and gone, but what about your commitment to your resolutions? If your commitment has dropped off, is it because you made resolutions without any actually planning and just decided to ‘wing it’ in your goal setting? Hopefully, you were able to set well-thought out resolutions and goals by using some of the tips previously given.

To ensure that your goals are right for you, evaluating your goals after a month of working on them is beneficial. A good starting point is acknowledging whether or not you actually began to execute the necessary steps to achieve your goals in January. If you are yet to begin, take a closer look at your goals and ask yourself if they are truly the goals you want to achieve. I believe that when a goal is genuinely important to you, you will commit to achieving it, without becoming harmfully obsessive.

A part of achieving your goals is acknowledging any success that you have along the way. It can be easy to feel discouraged when you believe that you’ve been working hard, but it seems like you’re hardly making a dent in your goals. However, it’s important to remember that no matter how small the success may seem, any amount of success means that you’re heading in the right direction. That should be your focus, working each and every day towards achieving the goals you dream about.

Often, having an individual or a group of people either from within or outside of your immediate circle can help you be more accountable. This individual, or group, may not necessarily have the exact same goals as you, but by sharing your journey with others it can help bring objectivity to your goals. The objectivity of this person can put your efforts into perspective, and remove the subjectivity that you may be possessing. As a human being, you weren’t designed to go at it alone. You were meant for community, and sometimes that community can provide you with right type of challenge at the right time to help you go to the next level in achieving your goals.

Whatever it is you want to achieve, you can’t just dream it into existence, as nice as that would be. Whether it’s your “ideal body”, or the relationship you desire, or the ‘perfect’ job for you, you need to set yourself SMART goals that will help you achieve them. Be detailed, be purposeful and have a healthy commitment to it. Each day that you improve is another day closer to where you want to be. Keep pushing forward.


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