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The festive season

December. The final month of the year. A time where we all generally look back at the year that was. From the goals that we set out at the start of the year, we can now begin to reflect on all that we achieved and those goals we didn’t quite attain. For each of us, there has been growth, success and even some setbacks. The most encouraging thing of all, is that we didn’t give up. There may have been times where giving up would have been the easy option, but for those of us who sought help and kept on preserving, we’ll continue to enjoy the fruits of our labour.

From a fitness perspective, this time of the year is one that we sometimes can over-complicate, and causes unnecessary stress. During the festive season there are some things that we can do to maximise our time celebrating with family and friends:

  • Try and stick to your regular routine as much as possible

Throughout this year, you have hopefully developed good exercise and nutrition routines. During the festive season, keep on doing the same positive things you were doing during the year.

  • Don’t go overboard

Don’t over indulge on food or drink, be reasonable in what you consume. If you do happen to over indulge, don’t feel guilty and then ‘punish’ yourself with extreme exercise or nutritional restrictions. If you do happen to go overboard either way, don’t punish yourself. Enjoy the moment for what it was, and at your next opportunity to be better, do so.

  • Enjoy every moment

Eat, drink and be merry; it’s the best way to spend this time of the year with your family and friends. For those of you who have read these articles throughout the year, I want to say thank you. Being able to do my part and help you increase your knowledge, provide motivation and encouragement has been a pleasure, and I look forward to continuing this. I want to reaffirm you, and encourage you to keep on striving to better than you were at the start of the year. Look forward to 2018 with plenty of excitement and anticipation, and a desire to continually grow into the best version of you.

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