Pre-massage information

Prior to receiving your massage treatment, there are several things that you need to do to ensure that your massage treatment is effective. These include:

  • Having a shower

  • Do not consume food 30 minutes prior

  • Make sure that all jewellery is removed

  • Wearing appropriate clothing (including underwear)

While you are in your treatment, it is highly likely that you will be required to disrobe to your underwear. Having your mobile phone on silent or vibrate is also advisable.

At the conclusion of your treatment, it is advisable that you drink plenty of water, take a hot shower and follow the advice provided to you by your therapist.

During your treatment you can expect to receive remedial massage, deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, sports massage and stretching. All depending on what is determined as best suited to your personal needs.

Finally, please be aware of our right of refusal, cancellation and late arrival policies which are below.

Cancellation Policy

If a client wishes to cancel a session, they need to provide 6 hours’ notice, otherwise they are liable to pay 50% of the treatment cost.

If the trainer/therapist is unable to conduct the session, 6 hours’ notice will be given, otherwise the client is entitled to receive 50% off their next session.

If there are circumstances beyond both parties control, the treatment may be rescheduled given that both parties can agree to a suitable time.


Late Arrival Policy

If the client arrives late for their session, they are liable to pay the total cost of the session and forfeit the time they missed.

If the trainer/therapist arrives late for the session, the client is entitled to receive a 10% discount on their next session.


Payment Policy

All fees must be paid either prior to the treatment (if paying by direct debit) or immediately after the treatment (if paying by cash) unless another agreement is in place. Missed/late payments may incur a penalty of 10% of the total fee.



The Right of Refusal

The client, in preparation for massage, will disclose all appropriate information to the practitioners of Bring Back Health and Fitness. The client will adhere to the treatment protocol set out by the practitioner, and not stray from it, so that the full benefits of the treatment protocol will be received by the client. If the client fails to do so, they cannot dispute the results. Both the client and practitioner have the right to refuse or give treatment based on the information provided during the consultation period. Please also note the current health advice as given by the C.H.O.