The female exerciser…You’re stronger than you think!

Disclaimer: I am a male trainer but have spent more than half a decade successfully training female clients of various backgrounds, ages & perceived abilities. It is quite unfortunate that in this day and age, there are some individuals who still believe that women shouldn’t lift weights, or if they are to lift weights it should be very light weights for high repetitions. They believe that the predominant type of exercise that women should be doing revolves around cardio, and more specifically what is known as steady-state cardio (i.e. walking/running on a treadmill, cross trainer etc for an extended period). I believe, and have seen firsthand, just how outdated this way of thinking is. Now

Please... sleep!

We all know sleep to be an essential part of our lives as it has a direct effect on all aspects of our health. A lack of sleep can take a significant toll on our energy, productivity, emotional & mental wellness along with our weight. Rather than simply being an inactive period for the body, sleep is now known to be a dynamic state that is essential for memory consolidation, development, and restoration of nervous, immune, skeletal, and muscular systems (Kline, 2012). Looking at sleep from a strength training perspective, it is a vital part of the recovery process. During sleep the adaptations to the training you’ve done occurs. One part of this adaptation is the increase in growth hormone (



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