Protein for weight loss: Fact or fiction?

The role of protein in the diet, especially for weight loss, has become a growing area of interest in recent years. Kilojoule for kilojoule, protein requires more energy than fat or carbohydrate to process and store in the body. It is therefore no surprise that many diets place a high emphasis on the importance of protein for weight loss. And according to a new study, protein also has another benefit. While previously there has been a lack of large studies confirming the idea that protein-rich foods help in shedding excess kilos, the new study concluded that protein does, in fact, leave you feeling fuller for longer. Richard Mattes, director of Purdue University’s Ingestive Behaviour Re


As defined in the Oxford dictionary, stress is often perceived to primarily be a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding situations. These adverse or demanding situations include work, family, as well as professional and personal relationships. However, too little or too much exercise can also place stress on our bodies. When we don’t exercise often enough, some of the basic functions that our body performs can suffer. Systems such as our cardiovascular and respiratory systems do not perform at their peak, limiting the effectiveness in which oxygen rich blood is able to be transported throughout our bodies. The lack of oxygen rich blood also limits



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